How to Have Healthy Eyes



As the old saying goes, our eyes are the windows of our soul. Mood and feelings reflect through looking to one’s eyes. Their main functions, however, include seeing the things around us, appreciating the beauty of things and persons, promoting our safety, allowing us to move around, and keeping us away from danger.

These are the reasons why having a healthy set of eyes is very crucial. A 20/20 vision will not only alloq you to see things clearly, but will also help you live comfortably and safely.

But since the eyes are one of the most used body parts and are always exposed to air and sunlight, they are prone to dirt, germs, and diseases that will lead them to discomfort and even to signs or symptoms of a certain disease.

Don’t wait until your eyes give up on you. There are a lot of ways to maintain healthy eyes and improve your vision, and here are some.

Practice eating a balanced diet. Make it habit to eat green and yellow vegetables and fruits such as papaya, mango and carrots –because they are rich in Vitamin A.

Whenever you read, work, or simply sit in front of the computer, make sure to use proper lighting. Never work under a dim light as this strains the eyes.

Whenever your eyes get tired after hours of reading, watching TV, or looking at the computer screen, rest them for a few minutes by closing them to lubricate. Looking at trees or anything that is colored green also helps; doing it will sooth and cool your eyes.

When your eyes get irritated or itch, don’t touch or rub them to avoid the accumulation of germs. Instead, use an eye drop to cleanse your eyes.

Keep your hair in place so as not to cover or poke your eyes. Our hair carries dirt and germs that can cause conjunctivitis, a common eye infection.

Never wear eyeglasses that are not yours and not meant for you. If you have reading difficulties, consult an ophthalmologist to diagnose and treat your vision. Just the same, never let anyone use your eyeglasses.

Wear dark or green sunglasses to protect your eyes from glaring sunlight. Never wear pink and yellow (or any bright color) sunglasses to avoid strain and irritation of your eyes.

Eye shadows and other eye cosmetics are for personal use only. Eye applicator or brush is a carrier of germs that can be passed from one person’s eyes to another.

Keep your eyes healthy for a bright future ahead of you.