Mountain Climbing for Beginners


Have you always had a passion for climbing and conquering mountains? While it takes a lot of courage to climb hundreds and thousands of feet of land, it also requires a lot of self-discipline to be able to reach the peak of mountaineering dreams. Below are helpful tips on how to be a successful mountaineer.


  1. If you are a first timer in mountaineering, do not rush on huge and high mountains. Instead, try the smaller ones first and see if you can handle them. As soon as you get used to climbing, then you can go and pursue the bigger and taller mountains


  1. Motivate yourself in order to finish the journey. Take friends or family along so you can have more fun and enjoyment while climbing the mountains.


  1. Before going to any of this, examine your physical and mental strength. You should not compare yourself with other person because body resistance is different from one person to another.


  1. To avoid dehydration, always bring plenty of water or fluids in your journey. Drink every time you have to.


  1. Learn from past mistakes. If there you have encountered problems on your previous trips like heavy baggage or lack of water, make sure to prepare for such problems this time.


  1. Make friends with other people who have experienced mountaineering just like you. Ask advices and tips on how to become successful in such career


  1. If you have heart problems and you still want to try mountaineering, ask your doctor to help you and prepare you for the activity. Take extra precaution and always follow your doctor’s advices.


  1. Just like fighting in a battle, know who and what your enemies are. In mountaineering, you should learn the basic climbing techniques such as climbing protection, rappelling, belaying, and useful climbing knots. It is very essential that you learn how to survive in the wilderness.


  1. Beforehand, you can practice climbing through more available climbing activities such as wall climbing in your local gym.


Not all people have the courage to climb mountains and conquer their fear of height. If you are among the very few courageous people, make sure that you prepare for this challenging journey you have to take.